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Staffing a dental or orthodontic practice is one of the most important keys to a successful practice. The pressure to have staff in place when you open your new practice or to find a replacement as soon as possible to keep things flowing may cause you to make a hasty decision. But that can backfire on you quickly.

Veatch Consulting has helped many dental and orthodontic practices throughout Texas and across the U.S. develop an effective hiring process. We work closely with you to:

  • Identify average salaries in your area for each of your staff positions
  • Help you write job descriptions based on standard accepted skill sets and your specific needs
  • Define your expectations for each position
  • Create guidelines to help you determine when to add staff, such as a hygienist
  • Develop and implement systems for accountability
  • For start-up dental practices, we take care of the initial advertising and interviewing for staff, identify prime candidates, and work with you to select the best employees.

We provide ongoing training to help you develop a motivated and skilled staff that makes going to work enjoyable for everyone. Whether you have a start-up practice or existing, Veatch Consulting will teach you how to hire and train a productive staff, and to educate and empower your staff to achieve the vision and goals you established for your practice.

Gain the advantage of working with a world-class consulting firm that has successfully helped dentists and orthodontists across Texas and the U.S. make the best staffing decisions – call Veatch Consulting.