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Dental and orthodontic practice marketing in today’s economy has changed. You need to be easily accessible to today’s consumer wherever they are and whenever they’re ready to look: digital marketing helps your target audience find you on their terms. Today’s consumer goes to the Internet to find service providers and read their reviews before making an appointment. In fact, 72 percent of Internet users said they looked online for health information, according to a Pew Research Center poll, and 44 percent of Internet users are looking for doctors and other healthcare providers. To keep up with your competition and grow your business, you need a strong online presence with a digital marketing program designed uniquely for you and your market.

At Veatch Consulting, we capitalize on cutting-edge digital marketing strategies that work best for dental and orthodontic practices across Texas and the U.S. That means:

  • Analyzing the geographic, demographic and digital marketplace
  • Designing SEO websites and pages that are welcoming and easy to navigate
  • Creating social media sites that build relationships and visibility
  • Reviewing the results and making changes to keep you on track for success

By coordinating your digital marketing programs with your direct mail campaigns, we maximize your success.

Effective marketing requires first knowing who your current and potential patients are –¬†and what they want to know from you. Veatch Consulting specializes in using the latest programs and tools to determine these facts for your practice type and location. Armed with the information, Veatch Consulting moves forward using several digital marketing components, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, blogs and other digital options.

For a dental practice in this digital era, an especially important aspect is: How attractive does the website appear on a cell phone or tablet? And can the on-the-go mobile user interact easily with the site? To foster dental practice success, Veatch Consulting Services takes every relevant factor into account to help the new and growing dental practice attract and retain patients.

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