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Digital marketing provides numerous possibilities for building your local dental or orthodontic practice, and one of the most popular and successful methods of marketing is through social media sites. Dental professionals serve a community – and the strongest communities are those where the members communicate with one another regularly. In the 21st Century, platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter are building relationships and connecting people within a local area, where they know some of the same stores, theaters, parks, tradesmen, and retailers.

So it only makes sense for your practice to participate in social media to draw people in the area together to share referrals and recommendations. Orthodontists, for example, see their patients in their offices fairly frequently for a year or more. Orthodontists and dentists who stay more personally connected and interested in their patients through social media can reach a new level of name recognition and genuine friendliness with patients and potential future patients, too.

Veatch Consulting helps dental and orthodontic practices across Texas and the U.S. develop a strong social media presence. One important thing to remember about social media sites: they are not meant to be used for sales campaigns and you should only occasionally promote your services here. People use social media to connect with each other, not to be sold. So have fun with the posts! They can be on any number of interesting topics:

  • Unusual or funny photographs (make sure you have copyright approval)
  • Personal interest stories about the people on staff
  • Notice of a new blog post on your website
  • Dentistry trivia
  • Fun facts
  • Holiday greetings
  • Local events your practice is involved in
  • Announcements of specials you’re offering (resist the temptation to post these more than once or twice a month)

For best results, we recommend posting at least once or twice per week. It only takes a few minutes, but the effect of your increased visibility and the relationships you build will pay off over the long-term.

Veatch Consulting helps dental and orthodontic practices across Texas and the U.S. maximize the benefits of their social media sites. We design sites that will help build your reputation in the community. And by linking between your social media sites and your website, you’ll gain SEO benefits and increased visitor traffic to your website. Becoming part of the online community that exists in your community is a doubly powerful way to build and sustain a dental practice while making lifelong friends, too!

You can trust the expertise of the world-class consultants, Veatch Consulting. Contact us for a free consultation – and get started on the track to success.