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Are you tired of being an Associate? Do you want to start your own practice but have no idea where to begin? Veatch Consulting knows how to get a new dental practice up and running. Efficiently. Successfully. Profitably. The first year!

How many dental practice consultants guarantee your success the first year in business? Only one: Veatch Consulting. Our track record speaks for itself. And because our results have been proven by so many other dentists, we can guarantee your success –¬†or your money back!

Veatch Consulting is here to assist you from the day you make the decision to have your own practice. We coordinate and assist with the vendors to open your practice in a timely and cost-effective manner: our average client saves $20,000-40,000 in start-up costs with our services. We can help you start your practice with a strong foundation and make your practice run like a well-oiled machine. After your practice opens, we’ll provide 12 months of on-site office training, consulting and guidance to make sure your practice gets off to the best start. Our 360 degree approach ensures your success the first year.

At Veatch Consulting, our goal is to offer unsurpassed attention at every step you take to produce optimal results. We assist start-up dental and orthodontic practices across Texas and the U.S. with every aspect of starting and running a business, such as:

  • Location, location, location. We show you various properties and provide an in-depth demographic review of the lease space areas to fully understand the patient base and competition in your desired areas, so you can make the most informed decision about where you want to open your practice.
  • Financing. We negotiate with the dental practice lender on your behalf to help you obtain the best dental financing available. A payment structure you never thought was possible can become a reality.
  • Contractors. You’ll be introduced to experienced architects and contractors who specialize in designing and building dental offices.
  • Equipment. We introduce you to the right equipment and system specialists to ensure you get the best technology with the best value and service.
  • Budget creation and management. We create and manage a complete financial budget for your start-up dental practice.
  • Marketing. A customized marketing plan will be put into place so you have patients scheduled the day you open your doors.
  • Branding and design services. We provide design services to create your logo, brochure business cards, stationery, website and social media.
  • Insurance. We fully credential your office with all major PPO insurance plans.
  • Reports. We teach you how to read and use reports: let your system show you your profits.
  • Production. We create job descriptions, staff manuals and attainable production goals.
  • Staffing. You’ll learn how to hire and train a productive and self-motivated staff, and to educate and empower your staff to achieve practice goals.
  • Systems/Fee Schedules. We show you how to use the right systems, develop fee schedules and implement office policies.
  • Business Planning. With our extensive experience designing strategic business plans for dental and orthopedic practices, we can help you define your future business and retirement goals.
  • Continuing On-site Business Education. Veatch Consulting provides office training, consulting and guidance for a full year after your office is open to ensure your success.

Your expertise is in dentistry; ours is in helping you set up a successful new practice. With the proper guidance, your dream of owning your own practice can become a reality. Don’t let fear get in the way of your desire to be more than an Associate. Veatch Consulting is ready to help you achieve your goals.

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