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Running a dental or orthodontic practice requires an amazing amount of organization and energy. You can’t do it all yourself. This is why it’s so important to train and empower your team to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. One area in a dental practice that often struggles is collections, and it can quickly hurt a practice if you’re not staying on top of your numbers. And the only way to make up the money lost from uncollected accounts and write-offs is to increase production. Are your practice collections at 97 percent or higher?

The dental experts at Veatch Consulting know how to make your accounting and collections work for you. Our experienced consultants will:

  • Evaluate your current accounting systems and collections procedures
  • Advise your staff on ways to ensure patients understand your fees and financial policy
  • Provide verbiage to help you collect the highest percent
  • Recommend and implement the most effective accounting methods to get the overall best benefit

Veatch Consulting has helped dental and orthodontic practices in Texas and across the U.S. get their collections under control to make them more profitable and competitive. We can help you, too.

Gain the advantage of working with a world-class consulting firm that has successfully helped dentists and orthodontists across Texas and the U.S. achieve their collections goals –┬ácall Veatch Consulting.