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Veatch Consulting puts the dentist in the driver’s seat. The benefits of this are lifelong and can continually increase revenue for you and your practice.

We understand each office is unique and requires a custom, detailed plan. Our practice review is designed to identify your weak spots and strengthen every aspect of your practice. We’ll educate you and your staff on the basic business and management skills necessary to increase practice revenue, implement correct and efficient systems, and most importantly, enhance the quality of life for you and your team.

Our experienced dental practice consultants provide the following services:

Practice Analysis

  • Evaluate the current practice and determine steps necessary to create growth
  • Meet individually with the dentist and staff to understand the goals and concerns
  • Review systems and fee schedules
  • Examine scheduling techniques
  • Gather all reports and review of all data
  • Address immediate issues and concerns

Strategic Business Planning and Implementation

  • Develop practice strategies for your future success
  • Establish management principles and guidelines
  • Initiate effective planning techniques to develop a unique and competitive advantage
  • Analyze statistics and develop plans that keep revenue increasing year after year

Effective Systems

  • Implement systems and practices to reach your optimal goal
  • Review reports and monitor systems to ensure continued progress
  • Utilize staff to their fullest potential
  • Create a viable and solvent practice through proper financial planning and marketing
  • Reduce overhead and increase efficiency
  • Design an organizational chart that delineates and aligns the duties of each position in the office and helps ensure the work will get done

Continued Monitoring

  • Provide extensive practice and financial monitoring
  • Establish continued team assessment and review
  • Monitor fees and insurance to focus on increasing revenue
Veatch Consulting has helped dental and orthodontic practices in Texas and across the United States achieve their practice goals. With our experience in practice evaluation, strategic business planning and implementation, and continued training, Veatch Consulting is confident that we can give you the tools to take your practice to the next level!