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Most dentists agree: getting enough new patients is one of the top problems facing dental practices today. When you and your staff give patients the highly skilled, personal, friendly care they deserve, they’ll often refer friends and family to you. But to grow your dental practice at a rate necessary to meet your goals requires a steady flow of new patients every month.

Veatch Consulting understands the challenge of dental patient acquisition. We have helped dental practices across Texas and the U.S. identify the strategies and programs that make patient acquisition a success in their markets. Our experienced consultants evaluate your current marketing programs, branding message and staff communication skills to uncover areas that can be improved or added to your patient acquisition strategies, such as:

  • Regularly scheduled direct mail program to keep your name in mind
  • Ongoing relationship- and community-building posting to social media sites
  • Search engine optimized (SEO), professional website to position you as the expert and rank high in
    search results
  • Digital marketing campaigns to target your local market where they are online
  • Community events and activities participation to increase visibility
  • Brand messaging in office design/décor to create a welcoming environment
  • Staff closing skills and treatment presentation to get the appointment
  • A consistent branding message across all print, digital, in-office and staff interactions to build loyalty

Start building your patient base with personalized patient acquisition strategies developed for your practice.

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