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I just opened my start-up practice a little over three months ago, and I have been working with Veatch Consulting throughout the process. I am very particular and it helped to know that I had someone on my side that understood my frustrations and made sure things were done to my standards. The CEO, Matthew Veatch was very responsive and communicated with me directly. He met with my contractors and I instantaneously to ascertain that the contractors were held accountable to their commitments, which I appreciated.  Veatch Consulting has people within the company to handle different aspects of the project. They assist from the start of your project and making sure that you have all of the pieces. A company is a direct reflection of its management, and I must say that I found that to be true with Kelly, one of the people on the Veatch team. She handled the next phase of my project, and like Matthew Veatch, she always responded and still responds within minutes to get things done literally as we are speaking about it… it’s amazing!  It’s hard to find well-motivated employees for a dental office, let alone ones with that are well-trained. Veatch provided me with Sarah to help with the hiring and training of my staff to help optimize their utility. Veatch continues with bi-monthly meetings to re-asses your office’s progress and address any issues. Veatch takes over on the practice management, which gives you some much-needed cushion to learn the process. Without a consultant, the transition from brainstorming to opening a start-up practice is a painfully disorganized process with no instruction manual. I appreciate Veatch Consulting for helping me open and manage my practice.

- Dr. Allen Charles
Bleu Dentistry

Signing up with Veatch Consulting is the single most important decision I made for my startup. I could not imagine going through this process on my own. Matt Veatch and his staff have been with me every step of the way, and their best gift to me has been peace of mind.

In a process where everyone wants your money, Veatch Consulting is in the business of protecting your money and helping you spend it wisely. I have confidence in knowing that their contract includes a money back guarantee, but I am not concerned about leaning on it because I know they are setting me up for success.

If I could only emphasize one decision I made when beginning my startup it would be to hire Veatch Consulting. I truly don’t know how anyone gets through this process without them!

- Elise Pruett
Coppel Heritage Dentistry